Hi all,

I own a 1955 oval, by the books it should have twin tail pipes, the new '55 tank, the new steering wheel, doors without the ribbed handles, diferent gear lever with the heater knob next to it.

Chassis number - 1013 797
Engine number - 1218 571
Body number - 805 405

My problem is that I have a few parts in the car that are pre 55 like ribbed doors and handles, a '54 petrol tank, batwing steering wheel, the ventilation holes near the feet are from '54.

With all this I don't know witch seat covers and mats that I should buy.

Please help



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Sounds like a 55 year model body on a 56 year model chassis.
Your chassis was made in November 55 (56 year model), but your body was made in June 55 (55 year model).
Ribbed doors & handles, fat fuel tank and batwing steering wheel are correct for a 55 year model.

So for seat covers & carpets, I'd go with a 56 year model as your heater outlets and seats will be from a 56.
Should be great asking people at car shows what year model they reckon its from :twisted: .

Bear in mind that an opinion is worth what you pay for it...

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Thanks Simon,

One thing I know for sure, the last owner and only one did never change the body or components, so it came from factory like this, the only problem are the hearter outlets they are from the 55 model.

These are from 56:


and these from a 55


It would be a good choise to buy the 56 they look nice!
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Just found out that the model of my '55 is 11/1 so it means it was a standard shown in this page:


so the correct seat covers should be


Aiming for the 2023 1000 Miglia!…
Have you got the birth certificate for it? I would be fascinated to see how it could leave the factory as a 55 and a 56 at the same time. My 56 was built before your chassis, but it definitely has all the 56 body components.

You are right about the mats/carpet vent location, the heater vents are part of the body not the chassis. My bad. :oops:
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