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I have finally got rid of the 'ears' and refitted Semaphores to my '58.

But as I'm worried about people seeing them I want to fit front/rear indicators (gonna use Hella reversing lights on the rear with an orange bulb and something similar for the front - not decided yet) however I want the Semaphores to still pop up and the bulb in the end flash. I know this has been done with a 12V bug (as per this on the resto-cal forums - https://restowagenuk.com...d68a00246513fed610a7d0c3  ), however has this been done on a 6V bug (which mine is).

Anyone know how to do it - is it simply as the Restocal one but with 6V parts (If I can get them) or is there a much simpler way being 6V??

I was wondering can as I assume the indicator switch sends 6V to the semaphore could I not simply run two wires per side from the switch - one to the solenoid bit of the Semaphore and the other to a flasher unit controlling the front/rear lights and the bulb in the end of the Semaphore?

I've done (a very bad!) wiring diagram - does anyone know if this will work (sorry about the quality!) - or what I would need to do to get it to work???

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I am no auto electrician, so could not say for sure as to wether your plan would work or not, I would ask a few questions though.
I have a 58 with original wiring, The semaphores do not flash, the light stays on all the time the semaphore is out.(constant supply = semaphote stays up, light stays on) So the 'flasher relay is not realy a flasher unit, rather a switch.
Your car was fitted with the Sweedish 'ears' that I guess flash like regular indicators so your car probably has a 'flasher relay'
If you wire directly from the relay you may find your semaphores 'flapping' as well as flashing.

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1958 Harry
I now have the Semi's all fitted and working with the flasher unit removed. My idea is to basically run two separate circuits from the switch, one going to the Semaphore (Solenoid only) and the other going to a flasher unit that controls the front/rear flashing lights. Isolating the light in the Semaphore is easy, just cut the wire that goes to the light and connect it to the flasher unit 🙂
Multi show winning magazine featured '58 Bug - Harry
2007 2.0 New Beetle - Mijj
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