Back in 1997 I didn't know what to do to kill my time and for fun I placed an advertisement in a VW magazine. :twisted:
For sale a perfect 1951 Split Window! Reason: buying a Hebmuller! Month after month nobody who respond on the ad but suddenly a phone from a Dutch guy asking me if I already found a Heb.
Ofcourse not I said but he replied: do you like to have one? :shock: What kind of question is that ofcourse I liked! Without seeing I bought and when I saw the car one day later I was very surprised!
I didn't only buy Heb623 but also all the NOS parts to restore him. It was not complete but it was over complete!!! :roll:

I don't like to tell you how much I paid for all those nice things but what I can tell you is that I would be very ashamed if I did so!!! :oops:

I ’ll never regret the things I did wrong!
I only regret the good things I did for the wrong people!

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Hopefully this is only part one of the story... 😃

I've seen photo's of your Heb all in primer and I think its going to be one of the best in the world - what sort of condition was it in when you got it?

C'mon ET - what happened next???
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
:evil: PATIENCE!!! :twisted:

I ’ll never regret the things I did wrong!
I only regret the good things I did for the wrong people!
Hello everybody! Here is my story :My friend said:" We`ll find a Heb!" I didn`t believe and started to laugh !! We also placed an insert in a magazine , for 3 month : sept., oct.,nov. In september mxy friend bought his Heb :shock: , in october a man retired his offer because his family decided not to sell 😞 , in november I got mine :lol: !! Now I turned to
a " Believer " and do not laugh anymore (........about my friend!! )

This happened approximatly 4 years ago, and the Heb became the car I drive every second day.

Greetings from Italy ! :lol:
Welcome to the forum brille52!! 🙂 🙂

Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW

..............I forgot: my Heb was from a German car collector,which, during he was buying a high class Mercedes , saw the Heb standing in the corner of the room. He liked it and "by the way " he took it with him for a ridiculous price (....for his wife !). She and he never used it.When I at last
found it and the man saw what a " VW freaK " I was, he said : " Years ago I payed the car lot money. If you give me that amount, you can take - and drive it home. And so I did........

Thanks for your welcome, Rob :!:
I saw the pics of heb623 Hebmüller at a vw meeting in Belgium and it looks really great!! Looking forward to see it drive over the Belgian highways :wink:
hi there,

dear brille52, remember the day we drove your heb to the DMV (department of motor vehicles) inspection with my dealer tag on it !!??

well friends, i am a car collector in the same town as brille52, and let me just tell to everybody here: HIS HEB IS PROBABLY the most original in the world and in MINT CONDITIONS !!!

a real eye catcher 4 the heb gourmet - how many are out there along the roads.......!!!??? NOT many, fortunately !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dear old brille52, lets go ahead with the restoration of our rometsch convertibles split window, 1951
i yet dont no if i should be happy to got one of five left, or if i got to cry, thinking about the expenses coming up soon..............................!?

allllll rrrrrright guys, cool down, we are able to afford that one (2) too
mark the shark / SharkAirlines
OOOPS !:o You are alive? 😃
I remember ,Shark !....and that man,which followed us for more than one hour and when we stoped, jumped out of his car and asked, how much he has to pay for the Heb- and he even didn`t know,what car it was !!! :!:

....probably the most original-and mint condition: ok, I can laugh about that,I know, you are a friend !! :lol:

...along the road is ok: I drive it 5 times a week ! Thank God, nobody here at our place knows,what a Heb is : "What a nice self made Volkswagen.Did you build it yourself?" So I don`t have to be afraid, that some " Mafioso " puts an eye on my car ! :shock:
Save money for the start of the project of our life : to put our Romys on the street again : think,we need a lot of Euros ! :cry:
CuS :wink:
Hey Brille52, just looking at the feature of your Heb in this months Ultra VW Mag, whats that gauge on your steering column? Oil Temperature gauge? It also says you have a Draeger fuel gauge - where is that located I can't see it in the photo. I'm not that educated when it comes to accessories! :lol:

Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
Dear pre67vw !

Here in Tirol South we use to say :" They write a lot when the day is long !", and so they did in the article regarding my Heb : when I finished reading it the colour of my face turned red !! :oops:

Regarding the gauge, you are right : the oil temperature gauge is a Draeger gauge on a Moto Meter " holder ".

Anyway,I know you LOVE the accessories -!- Now I have seen the tires of the Heb pedalcar in the other topic : white-wall-tires !!!
It`s like a call to put them also on my Heb........ :wink:
I thought it was a pretty good article, nice photo's by Mike Key in Camberg.

I quite like whitewalls on Hebs, but Yan is dead against them. There are very few (if any) period photo's of "real" Hebs :wink: with whitewalls. So if you like your VW's 'correct' then they shouldn't really be on there.

Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW

YES - You are RIGHT ! :
It is a very nice article and I sincerely dont`t have better pics of my car than they are ! I remember the " making of them " in Bad Camberg and it was a great experience !

But as the article is about my car and me, I feel a little ashamed.......,
and embarrassed.This never happened before........

Ciao !!
Ashamed and embarrased to own a Heb? :shock: There is a solution to that... sell it to me! :wink:

I think I know what you mean though, but you should be very proud to own such a beautful car.

Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
i am so hungry, when is the next meeting to eat CAMENBERT ????
Goodbye Sharky :!:

:twisted: ET
I ’ll never regret the things I did wrong!
I only regret the good things I did for the wrong people!
Their is a heb for sale in N. C. U.S.A. # 316 but he wants $200.000 for it, any takers!!! Bill
saw an add selling a 49 heb $43.000, called and owner stated that it was just restored,it was a 49 heb body on a 50 vw frame {no matching #s]. He had already sold it to a dealer here in the states,I pulled up the dealers web site and he sold it for $86.00
Helloooooo, 200.000 Dollars for a Heb????

If he get this car sold for that kind of money I'll bet the dollars are fake ones.
For that kind of money I make a new one, and maybe two ..
Oh my god ( or somebody in heaven) That is a huge price.
I sure want to see that car on a nice picts; I 'll bet it is one with golden side moldings instead of Aluminum .

Annyone with a pict from that car.
Thanks , PETER.
ZELENSIS, coachbuilt body from the 50's on a vw platform made in Belgium. Peter the heb detective
Hey Bill,

Is that your red car under your name? If so, post the photo here so that we can get a better view of it. Very nice looking car from that little tiny photo.

Larry 🙂
Enjoy life to the fullest - in a VINTAGE VW
One question.
That 200.000$ Hebmuller, what kind of Hebmuller is that?
Not that I am going to be angry about that the asking price but even for a Heb that price in my opinion is too high.
You know or you don't know but I have such a moneymaker standing in my garage as well! :oops:
Even if my Heb would be sold for half the price (but priced in EURO) of that American one it would have been the best investment I ever made in years!!! 😎
I would like to see some pics of that 200.000$ Hebmuller.
How does it look like, is it gold plated, the shift knob 24K or are the tyres filled with some kind of narcotics or drugs instead of pumped with air!!! :shock:
But never the less if the Hebmuller will be sold for the asking price I know out of there is somebody who is very, very loaded or very, very desperate!!! :roll:

:twisted: ET

I ’ll never regret the things I did wrong!
I only regret the good things I did for the wrong people!