Can anyone give me any advice on refitting the glass into my car? It is the delux rubbers with the metal trim. I've never fitted this type before so I guess I'd like to know how to tackle actually getting the rubbers and glass in, and also any tips on the metal insert. Many thanks, and merry christmas to all! 😃


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First put the rubber on the window, after that, put the trim in the rubber !
After you did that , the same way as you normaly work !
I do it with a rope and a lot of detergent !


Yep, rubber on the glass - then insert the trim. Make sure your trim connectors are in place as well, I ruined a rubber thinking I'd be able to put it in later. I recommend washing line for the cord, it doesn't break very easily. Also, don't use washing up liquid for a lubricant as it contains a lot of salt.
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Thanks for this. That is really helpful. I'm looking forward to seeing the glass back in, but I can't say I'm looking forward to putting it in! From the times before I remember the rope and lubrication you mention, but also quite a lot of stress!!
If you cant get washing line cord, then i always use Nylon 'parachute' cord which is available in John Lewis.

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