Hi im 17 and own a 1957 oval, just passed my driving test and want to get big set back is that it is still 6volt.
if anyone has a 'step by step' manual or can email me a 'how to' diagram or instructions on how to do this conversion it would be a GREAT!! help..

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There's some info here  and here  to read through but there may be other things to take into consideration depending on the year of your current engine.

You are one lucky 17 year old - do you know that :?: To start out owning an OVAL beetle as your first bug - WOW.

Do you have a way to post a photo of your bug here? I would like to see it.

Enjoy life to the fullest - in a VINTAGE VW
haha yea i know im LUCKY!! i did buy a 67 bug when i was 13 but sold that and now have my oval ill try and get a piccie up soon so u can see her.
If you ever decide to sell that bug you should REALLY think about it long and hard. Just ask any of us if we have ever said this statement - "I wish I never would have sold it" :cry: :cry: . If at all possible just store it away if the situation requires.

From experience,
Enjoy life to the fullest - in a VINTAGE VW
i dont think i will want 2 sell her just many VW's have you got?? i know my dad regrets selling his 62' split kombi and the 63' split.....i wont make he same mistake
I currently own three 1966 VW beetle sedans. I have restored two of them and the third is stored away at this time. My silver bug is currently on the cover of one VW parts catalog and also on a VW parts web site. Check out this web site: .
And it is currently on the cover of the MID AMERICA MOTORWORKS parts catalog as well. I cannot show you that one because their web site is different from the actual catalog.

Yep - be warned here and now. It is very easy to sell but almost impossible to re-purchase. Until you reach the tender age of 30 years old I would highly recommend that you get your dad's opinion even IF you think about selling your bug.

Enjoy life to the fullest - in a VINTAGE VW
Can I make a suggestion as a newcomer to this forum? I would consider not converting the rare old car you have to 12v. I have a '64 Bug I just spent 6 months restoring. It was still 6 v. when I bought it, and after deliberating long and hard, I decided to keep it 6 v. Everything on my car works just like it should, and the only thing I'm missing is a nice CD/stereo system. I plan on fixing that in the spring by adding a 12v. battery just for the stereo. Keep your '57 just like it was intended, and when you are older (and the car is worth even more) you may be glad you did. Just my humble opinion...
John Scribner
Well I've started my 55 resto, gonna get it back to the original dark blue primer, clean up the surface rust and give it a good coat of lacquer, for a season or two.
Have a word with the guys at VW Heritage, in east sussex, do a search for their website, or look in volksworld.
Volksworld show, not been for many years, went last weekend, really enjoyed it, especially the 56 black oval, with the blue flames. the T2's were giving a tremedous displat there too.
Jayday....sortin out the oval..
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