OK now I'm facing old age and a general state of confusion, I thought now might be a good time to look at some in-car route finding assistance. :?

I can read a would be embarrassing if I couldn't, I spent over 30 years drawing them. However the prospect of driving in Europe without a navigator, (occasionally) I thought I'd invest in a "Tom Tom" or some other gizmo.

Most run off a rechargeable internal battery but from what I can see they don't run for long between recharges (just a few hours in some cases). There is of course a lead you can plug into your ciggie lighter but my '58 Ghia is 6 volt.

So the question is, what's the best way around this?

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I have a 'Garmin' Sat. nav., just dug out the box and in the Specifications bit it says

Usage: 15 W max. @ 13.8 VDC

It doesn't say anything about 6 volts but I think it might work fine.

You could call 'em up, Garmin (Europe) Ltd. are based at Hounsdown Business Park, Southampton, SO40 9RB (I don't have a phone number)

It was easy to rig it up in the Barndoor, just bought a Cig. lighter and rigged it up under the speedo pod, spliced into a live wire and earthed it, it's out of sight and easy to get to. (it's 12 Volt too)
I'm pretty sure it will work fine. The 356 guys from 356talk were mentioning it a few weeks ago, and they said it works well just plugging it in. I haven't tried it yet. I have a Garmin Nuvi.

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Are the suction cap marks easy to get off the windscreen? I'm running original glass and wouldn't want to damage it. :wink:

I told you I was getting confused :oops: Gotta start looking for a ciggie lighter for the car.
Otherwise you can pu in a little converter from 6 to 12volt I have that in the oval and it works fine used it with my garmin to and from Camberg last year and to charge my mobil with.

Forget the GPS John. what you need is one of these.... :roll:

Chris attached the following image(s):

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"Chris" wrote:

Forget the GPS John. what you need is one of these.... :roll:

Yeah I do have one of those and like me she's a trained map reader but she answers back and has an aversion to sitting in fields in inclement weather talking about of VWs.

No I can't understand that either. :?
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