A few month after the war, the german Racing driver Kurt Kuhnke and the Volkswagen engeneer Walter Hampel had the idea to built a sportive Racing car based on Volkwagen technology. After a discussion with the head office of the Volkswagen Headoffice and the british control commission, they were allowed to built a Volksracer. In the mind of Kuhnke and Hampel, there was a marked for a sportive Volkswagen coupe in the mid 1950s and so they started the project "Vollstromlinien-Leichtbau-Konstruktion" VLK. Walter Hampel worked for Volkswagen since 1938 and so he learned a lot about the KDF and the Porsche T 64 - known as "Berlin-Rome-Racingcar" and so the project growes up very fast. With the help of the technical university of Brunswyk, the scalemodell of the car was tested in a aerodynamic wind chamber and they found out that the car has a CW-rate of 0,21.

Kuhnke and Hampel organized an old Kubelwagen-chassis and with the help of the Wolfsburg coach builder Heinrich Schwen, the car was built. In 1947, the car was finished and presented to the heads of Volkswagen.

In August 1947, the car had its first use in a race in Brunswyk with Kurt Kuhnke as driver. He won the race.

Some other racing cars based on Volkswagen were built, like the famous Petermax-Müller Racer which was also built by Heinrich Schwen. But Petermax-Müller used another Volkswagen engine - build for military boats of the Wehrmacht. With this power, the VLK had no chance to win the races. It was modified in a Spyder.

In 1948, Heinrich Nordhoff was ordered to be the big boss of Volkswagen GmbH. He was not interested in racingcars and so the project VLK get lost.

In August 1948, the car was sold to Richard Trenkel, a racingdriver from Bad Harzburg.


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Thanks to F. Kuhnke for the look in his fathers private foto collection.
Bjoern attached the following image(s):
The Volkswagen based Petromax-Racer, driven by Huschke v. Hanstein and the VLK driven by Kurt Kuhnke
Bjoern attached the following image(s):
Volkswagen Power in 1947
Bjoern attached the following image(s):
The VLK @ Hockenheim
Bjoern attached the following image(s):
The first german race after the war was organized by Kurt Kuhnke on the Motorway A2 to Berlin between Exit Brunswyk-East and Waggum. The winner won 2000 Reichsmark and a half porc which was spended by the local farmers. In the time, when people had nearly nothing, the half porc was more interesting than the money. The VLK had its primiere in 1947.
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For the season 1948, the car changed into a Spyder. Against Petermax-Müller, there was no chance for Kuhnke to win in its class. He sold the car in August 1948. Kurt Kuhnke died in 1969 with an age of 59 years.
Bjoern attached the following image(s):
The Petromax-racer, a cool Ford truck, Huschke v. Hanstein and his Heb on tour.



Great piece of history that was not known by the average public.
Thanks Bjorn to share this with us.
You always find some rare stuf, how do you do this??? :?

I see you went to the place you mentioned in Essen... It seems that the car you talked about was not VW :cry: ...but also a nice one out of Wuppertal. :shock:

Please send this kind of info... 😎 I and probably others here love it .
ZELENSIS, coachbuilt body from the 50's on a vw platform made in Belgium. Peter the heb detective
amazing stuff!

The car looks a bit scruffy because of the handworked bodypanels. A nice 60k10 spin-off.

Love those pictures, thanks bjoern. 😎
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