Just Joined the forums. I bought my 67 panel van which I have turned into a salesflap model in January this year, with a view to have it completed by August. The Van has come a long way since Jan and it will be ready to trade as a stylish mobile Coffee Bar very soon. I am hoping to take it to Lavenham this Saturday, it wont be ready for serving coffee but i would love your comments.:d
andysx200 attached the following image(s):

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Looking good.
And i like coffee so i'll probably be a future customer
Looks Fabulous! Congratulations!
I love proper coffee, would be a great feature at any show! I see it being a winning idea.
When I see you I will certainly buy a few :d

That van plate looks familiar to me, did you find any beige under that blue repaint?
"it'll wreck the patina you haven't worked so hard to create" - 50Karmann