Whilst I love my 67, 1500 Beetle saloon, a 67 cabriolet has always been my longer term objective but sadly they don't come up that often.
So i was rather excited when I saw this come up in the classifieds: 

It is also listed on ebay: 

My question is does anyone out there know anything of this car's history?

It is the third time it has cropped up on ebay in as many years (if that long) which makes me a little suspicious. On both previous occassions I was unable to go and see the car and again this time around it is half term and we are off to Spain for a week tomorrow morning8 😎

However if it doesn't sell on ebay I would be in a position to have a look when I get back. As these are such a rarity I just wondered if it is a known car on the show circuit and whether anyone out there knows it.

I note the price this time around is considerably higher (certainly than when it sold the first time) but I guess it has had a new roof since then!
I'd be interested to hear from anyone apart from the owner (nothing personal you understand) who might have an independent view.

Cheers :beer:

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Sorry, I've no idea how I managed to post the same message twice :oops:
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It appears to be nice enough, but you really do need to go and look at it in person.
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