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14 years ago
To save writing this all again, I posted this on the Samba.


Can anyone here help?

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Rich Oakley
14 years ago
I'm pretty convinced it would be down to different manufacturers rather than changes over time.
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14 years ago
I agree with the old oak tree.
Always seemed logical to me that vw would always try to have 2 suppliers running for all their parts to ensure good supply flow. Seems to have been the case for most of the bolt on parts during the 50's. Brings back the old Hella/Bosch debate, or VW, SPO, SHO etc etc
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14 years ago
mrsherbie wrote:

I agree with the old oak tree.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Nothing of any help to add - just thought that was funny.. :lol:

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