Dear all,
it's official now: France will have a new vintage club: The Original Flat4 Drivers Club. :d
Pre-67 only, Vintage and Vintage Speed only, open to Beetles, Busses, Ghias and Porsche 356s (mostly early ones), and open to foreigners, as there are much more Vintage enthusiasts in other countries than in France.
The officialization of the new club will be during the 22nd French Super VW National, which will take place on June 6th and 7th in Thenay (Loire).
It's a bit close to Hessisch, but if you want to join us, it'll be a real pleasure.
Anyway, some members of the club will be at Hessisch via BBT, so we'll see us there!

More info soon here 

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I'll be there!
Good that they stayed at the same location.
Very nice aerea with all those Loire whine castles.
My first one was Jablines in 1991 I guess...
I'm getting old! :lol:
Wat is het fijn om lesbisch te zijn!
it'll be a pleasure to welcome you! :wink:
well... it'll be in a vineyard area, so, don't worry... You're like the good wines: the older, the better... :d
A shame that the vintage meeting at Rambouillet is not exist anymore..
It was realy nice up there.:cry:
vintagevw attached the following image(s):

Wat is het fijn om lesbisch te zijn!
don't worry, we're already thinking of something else...
we'll let you know.

inbetween, for those who want to join the new club, just send an email with your data, and the car(s) you have to this address: