My other coachbuilt ... a 1959 Drauz Porsche. I am happy to have it back home from the paint shop yesterday!

Now... onto the re-assembly!

protect me from what I want

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You just love the blue, dont you! Original color? - wonderful!
phil leadley
Eric, just found your pic of your conv D, very cool. I think we used to refer to them as a speedster with roll up windows. My ex partner had one for many years, but only had the removable hardtop. Please correct me if i'm in error, I think I'm working with a fragmented harddrive.
There is a removable hardtop available for Conv't D's... but it is a fiberglass after-market item. Not a factory item. There were cabriolets with factory hardtops only... but no Conv't d's built this way. The D can be recognized by its removable chrome windshield surround... and roll up windows. The cabriolet has a painted windshield surround that is integral to the body.

Yes I am stuck on this blue color. called aquamarine. It is an orig Porsche color for the year... but my car was ivory originally.

Komori from flat four has his black car collection... I have my blue car collection!
protect me from what I want
phil leadley
Thanks Eric, I'm sure when you're done, the car will be as the kids say "sweet". I havn't laid hands on a 356A since 92, and ten years with Saturn have done bad things to my Porsche memory.

But I do remember being on the fringes of the PorscheNostra.

I can't be the only one left who remembers those days.

The things we do for money.
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