54 Gertie
Hi there!

Can anyone show me a photo of a stock March 55 bug air filter? I know the single strap type ended late 54 so im just wondering if there are nay changes between 55 and later 50s? :? :d

Also, by tommorow morning (8 am) would be good as that is when im leaving for Volksworld!:wink: :roll: :lol:

Thanks in advance! :lol:

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Single strap air filters were used from April 53 to August 55 but there are two different types.The later one has a lip.I will try and attach an image for you to see.The one on the right is the later one.I got the picture from the Samba
Sunroof53 attached the following image(s):
54 Gertie
Thank you very much! That photo is now in my pocket with me and I am ready to brace the Volksworld swapmeet! Wish me luck! :wink: :lol:

That's good news!
I have a 1956 aircleaner on my April 1955 oval so I have to change that.
I found one in my treasurebox! :lol:
Wat is het fijn om lesbisch te zijn!