12 years ago
RockStock wrote:

£50k is running/driving/road legal Heb money, isn't it?

Time was.
12 years ago
12 years ago
[quote Split Personality]

Speaking of Hebmullers for sale- who is the new owner of the "half price" black/white German lowered car?

12 years ago
this is a how long is a bit of string type question but what would the min value be for a complete and pretty original spec 1951 standard bug, it has got Deluxe fluted trim fitted probably when it was inported into the UK, but still features its plain three spoke wheel and has a blanked panel next to the speedo, in the past I have been told the engine by number is a factory exchange engine from 1946, the engine is free, and from fifteen feet the car looks like a dusty old split but it needs all the rust normal rust repair and then some but has not been got at in the past which is a good thing, but this car is rusty...
12 years ago
'50 Karmann wrote:

[quote Split Personality]

Speaking of Hebmullers for sale- who is the new owner of the "half price" black/white German lowered car?

Did it Sell ?
"Mr Stock"
12 years ago
Old Blue wrote:

…He sounds like a lonely old guy ….

I'm not too sure about the description, Old Blue :lol:

Rattletrap – the Volkswagen Beetle that has covered an incredible mileage equivalent to over 35 times around the planet :omg:
Running nifty since 1950… the King of Volkswagens:beer: Why not make friends with this famous little VW – he's on facebook!
12 years ago
As well as the cost of old VWs getting pretty high, the cost of some original parts is just mind blowing at times. :cry:

My coachbuilt Ascort used a lot of parts from other makes and also accessory bits from the late 1950s. I am collecting parts for use in my restoration and these are some of the things I am finding:


Steering lock - Up to $400 :shock:



... and then there is the Okrasa TSV 1300 engine. Genuine parts can cost a small fortune. At least Wolfsburg West, Joe Okrasa and others have replica parts. :roll: but original would be nicer.
Mark - Owner of 2 under restoration Australian coachbuilt Ascorts.
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