Hi All ..would like some thoughts etc on plan ive got with my to suggestions advice etc.... (Though reading some of the threads on here its getting a little nasty?! :? )

Ok I’ve got a LHD 1955 oval ..(August/September build according to the numbers and later handles and quarter lights....) ...i didn’t lower it! but im ok with how it sits at the mo to be honest....have the original front beam and wheels though.
Its got its original engine but has an end float of 0.35mm ...would like to make it a more “daily driver” for the use of my girlfriend and aiming to factor in some reliability and safety.

Pictures link here 

Ok about to replace the engine with a 1641 plus swapping out the box for a like swing axel modified to fit also using the drive shafts from the original to keep the wheel base the same... the originals will be kept and stored, with the idea of overhauling them next year...this also allows me to fit 12v electric ...with discreet tiny led indicators fitted front and back...

Next the paint and body’s not the original paint ..! someone in the past has put down a light coat all be it in the original colour....unfortunately some else has then rubbed through to the metal in some places to give a false ageing effect?!?!... so i have no real qualms about getting the exterior restored to its original colour ....interior paint is fine and will be left as is....
As for rust/rot there doesn’t seem to be much?!?...the wings are worst affected, but the guy who i know and have seen his welding (its good!)says they are easy to restore “let in” metal and get them back to original...

Safety belts and interior trim..... ok here thinking of fitting either lap belts front and back(no need then to drill in the B pillar) or harness front and lap belts back ...same reasoning....

Carpets where they have worn through etc will be matched up and replaced with new replicas only where needed (originals stored safe)
Golden rule for all the above its to not alter the original car in any way (bar small holes for the lap belts in the floor pan) and anything removed from the car to be stored safe...

Ok that’s about it ...sorry to bore you all, but if you have any thoughts advice etc ? :d


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Hi Andy,

Nice ride you have there 😎 congrats, I had a '55 from December, used it as a daily driver as well. It had everything original, incl. engine and 6v electrics.
With the experience of driving it every day, the only issues I found to be importante to change would be, the gearbox with a later one from the sixty's and some seatbelts like you are doing.


I agree with you that you should make it safer and better to drive every day, also very correct to store all the extra parts, you never know if same day you can restore it back to original :d

best of luck

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The most important thing is to keep all the OG bits! :wink: Just out them in the loft, garage, kitchen cupboards, anywhere!

The worst thing I can read on a forum is not that someone is lowering/narrowing timewarp car, but that they are selling the OG beam and engine to fund the new off the shelf stuff! :shock: :lol:

Joao, what colour was that oval of yours in the photo above? I cant make it out as im on a laptop with the quality turned right down to make the wireless faster! :lol:

Very, very 😎 car! :beer:

Nice car Andy
54 Gertie wrote:

Joao, what colour was that oval of yours in the photo above? I cant make it out as im on a laptop with the quality turned right down to make the wireless faster! :lol:

Very, very 😎 car! :beer:


Hi Will,

thanks, it´s black L41 😎
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Hi Andy, love the car. You beat me to it, one day it was on ebay the next it just dissappeared, congrats.

thanks Guys... yeah Joao, everything that comes off the car car will be stored safe :d .... hi Jamie yeah sorry about that..was the first inline to look at topo's up near newcastle but woke with a migraine that day and that pretty much put pay to the day's travel ..saw this one on fleabay and put an offer in... ok the wings need work, but the rest of the body work "seems" :? in really good condition!! plus original engine to.. :beer:
Like the car!!

yeah defo keep the orignal bits mine is lowered and a 1641 engine too but i have all hte original beams / wheels / engine safely stored for later!!

As for hte engine the only thing with a 1641 I would say is mine works fine but is prone to vacum lock ()or so I think) which is giving me a problem at the mo so make sure the engine running temp is ok / carb is the right choice. My problem may be easily remedied but still looking for hte answer so dont know.
sneal wrote:

My problem may be easily remedied but still looking for hte answer so dont know.

I once read about "vapor lock" and was interested to learn that an inline fuel filter *before* the fuel pump can cause the fuel to boil due to vacuum. This is more likely to happen under high flow conditions where the pump is pulling the absolute pressure in the fuel pipe below atmospheric pressure and causing it to boil. Search on "npsh" for more info.

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