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I was thinking, would it be worth having a dedicated forum for pictures of lost/dead VWs ? I've got a few pictures of 'lost' pre67s that would be nice to share with people. Currently there's a sticky in the Chat Forum, but with so many different pictures of being posted, there's the danger of information being missed. Just a thought. What does everyone else think ? Rob ?
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I think the "sticky" is adequate.
I agree, the sticky we have is enough.

However, I would be interested in using your photos on a "British Historic Volkswagens" website I'm in the process of putting together. The aim of the website is to be a kind of register for all known pre 67 UK dealer supplied RHD VW's.

There will be a lost & found section on there so it would be great if I could use your photos on the site.

Not planning on having a forum on it, more for it to be a resourse where people can look up the reg of a particular car and see what data exists on it.

Perhaps this could be linked from pre67? Rob?

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