61 Devon
13 years ago
I have just sold my Zwitter onto a guy in France. :cry:

Have some parts for sale that I have collected and no longer need.
Pair of front fenders, pair of rear fenders and an early Left hand ribbed door - Sold.
Zwitter / 53 ignition barrel and replacement key - Sold
Nos reserve tap - Sold
Pair of front over riders, 52 blade bumper, some dents. Could be repaired
Original handbook dated November 1952 - Sold
Original new Rear split window rubbers from Status and repro trim inserts
Repro heart tail light rubbers
Heart plastic lenses again from Status - Sold
Oval flat top fuel tank
Repro Hiershmann red tip aerial - center mount - Sold
NOS blue tip Hierrshmann aerial - center mount - Sold

Luggage rails - Sold
Heart tail light glass
Plus other bits and bobs.

Can mail pictures if anyone is intrested. Looking for a RHD Oval as a replacement !:d


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