59 Ragtop

Hi all,

Any ideas on this one?. My 59 beetle lists decidedly to port, i.e lower on the left front corner. I've stripped it down, torsion bars out, no signs of cracked or broken torsion bars. All seems ok. If i turn the bars end for end, do you think it would help conteract this?. I'm now about to re-assemble, so any ideas would be apreciated. The front axle has been cut, turned and welded,an early lowering method. I didnt do this myself!. If i was to replace the beam and bars, do you think this would help.

All the best

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Rich Oakley
59 Ragtop wrote:

Lists to port

Probably best to keep the car on dry land.
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59 Ragtop

I might have too, i'm not a good swimmer:lol:
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