I have been trying to retain as much of my 65's originality as possible. So I started to T cut the paint to try and get back to the original colour. However all it did was rub off the old paint leaving it chalky and dull. I then proceeded to use Swisvax Pre-wax oil which comes in various strengths normal, medium and strong. The paint was instantly transformed almost back to its original lustre. The oil seems to feed the paint rather than polish the surface shiney. I then used some Swissol(old name) 356 wax polish, the end result is paint which is down to the primer in places but shiney and deep in colour . I used to think that it was all "smoke and mirrors' but I do think that these products which are designed for old paints do work. I have included some pic for your info.


Ps You can see difference as roof has not yet had treatment.
cupa65 attached the following image(s):

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Keep saying it on here,t-cut is crap.
Nice looking car you have there.
very clean!

did you repaint all the inner wings/suspension arm/gearbox tubes? 😎
I have started to use Maguiars gold class polish .I have a black car i painted over 10 years ago .The paint had started to age but the Maguiars bought it back a treat.Mer is also very good but does need more elbow grease to bring it back. I really like your car by the way :d .Thats got to be the most original 65 i have ever seen.Are all the inner wings in og paint?Proper timewarp car8) Are you going to stanford hall ?i would really like to see it!

The inner wheel arches are original paint along with runs and all. The torsion tubes have been repainted along with the spring plates which had a light dusting of semi gloss black. The car as previously stated was totally covered in thick black underseal. The gearbox had an ouput shaft leak, so was sent to Cogbox. However upon stripping there was not only no wear but Peter said that it was difficult to see if the gearbox had been used at all!! I have tried wherever possible to keep the car original and have left the floorpan covered in underseal so I can use it. I will be bringing the car to Stanford Hall if I get it finished:p
Cool. Can I ask what paint you used. And where you got it from?

I presume for the black bits, if so I used two pack black 80% gloss( which is actually semi gloss). You can buy it in a aerosol which is very handy.
Hope this helps. I also have used the same powder paint at work for tin wear etc.



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