25 Years After the Volkswagen Automuseum and the Wolfsburg beetle Club were founded, we decided to organize our 15th Bug Show in the Majory City of Volkswagen. The event will be held at the Allerpark, the Area around the Allerlake which is directly next to the Volkswagen Factory and the Wolfsburg Castle. Next to the regular Programme as every VW event offers, we present some interesting attractions to our participants which are only able here in Wolfsburg. Like Factory Tours, Schwimmwagen in Action or the visitation of the Volkswagen Auto Muzeum. In this Year, we have a Special offer as attractions: With the thankful help of the Volkswagen headquater, we want to start a Large convoi of aircooled Volkswagen through the holy Volkswagen Factory Area and the City of Wolfsburg. I am sorry, that our Website is not finished completely because some of the attractions we are trying to organize are not so finished that we can Talk about at this moment - but since yesterday we have started the registration online... Welcome Home! 

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