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13 years ago
Hi all

Thought I would pass on my experience with the horn on my 6 volt car. I had removed the beam to do a better cleaning job on it and the steering box. I couldn't understand why Volkswagen painted the beam with the steering box attatched. As on removal there was no paint under the steering box.
After reassembly and fitting to the car I tried to get the horn to work checking the positive and earth wires right down to the horn and back. The most I could get was a slight vibration. The problem was the earth between the steering box and beam/body. The culprit being paint on the beam and underside of the steering box stopping it from earthing correctly! The moral of the story... Patina keeps your horn working! Do not paint everything! Volkswagen didn't!

End of my own very frustrating( spanner through window type) lesson!

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13 years ago
I had a problem where the horn would come on and go off as I turned the steering wheel, after hours and hours of tracing - taking the steering wheel/column off trying to insulate everything, it turned out to be the split pins on the rubber steering disk... As the steering wheel turned, the pins bridged across and made an earth and the horn went off!

Doesn't matter if you're half expecting the horn to go off, it always makes you jump when you're right next to it :lol: (and it seems much louder in the middle of the night)
Rob Amos
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13 years ago
i had this when i fitted new ignition/steering lock on my 60

i can also conclude that for some reason it also sounds twice as loud!
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