new rear drum cured the rubbing whilst at it I replaced the wheel bearing, when i took the bearing cover and seal shim and front spacer off I could move the halfshaft and bearing still attached to the shaft in and out of the box/ axle casingapprox 4-5 mill, is this normal? got the bearing out and knocked the new one on straight, and re fitted front spacer, shim and o ring and put all back together then no in and out movement from half shaft, torqued up the drums and wheels and have possibly 1-2 mill up and down left to right, is this all ok?

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when the drum and bearing cover is removed the shaft will move in and out, when assembled the bearing cover holds the bearing in place and by tigentening the hub nut 'pulls' the drive shaft tight therefore removing the in/out movement.

so answer in yes this is normal
so should i still have a little play in it?