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I've got a quick question that I wondered if you can help me with. I've got a KPH Speedo in my 1959 Beetle which works fine. Hovever I recently bought an MPH Speedo to use instead. The MPH Speeso works fine to 28 MPH,then doesnt go any further. When you stop the speedo bsngs back to the stop. Would you be able to take the MPH Dial Face and put it onto the KPH backing.If so is there a lot of work needed,any advice much appreciated.


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I don't know the answer to the MPH/KPH question but here's a link on dismantling your speedo: https://www.thesamba.com...wtopic.php?t=327535& 

I would bet there's some crud inside that's stopping it from going past 28MPH. Got to be worth a strip/clean to check? Most of the old speedos I've acquired/used needed the input drive stripping and cleaning/re-greasing because they were either squealing or snapping speedo cables.
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Thanks for that.I'll give it a try and let you know how i get on. Thanks for the link,that helps a lot.
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