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I was clearing out some old emails and pictures tonight and I couldn't help posting this one. As I'm sure most of you will know, Yan Rami's Heb received a later front clip at some point in its life, but last year Sir Kevin Maddock MBE donated the front end from a '51 Standard to repair Yan's car. Here's Yan picking up the dashboard clip from Kev's house...
I love the way Yan uses his car. 🙂
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As following photo shows this is not[-x the first time Yan uses his Heb as a moving truck!!:shock: :lol:

:twisted: ET

heb623 attached the following image(s):

I ’ll never regret the things I did wrong!
I only regret the good things I did for the wrong people!
:shock: i know a other hebmüller wich sometimes is used for transporting some things...:lol: :wink:

Björn, your part :lol: :beer:
Yes, it is a very usefull car! :wink:
vintagevw attached the following image(s):

Wat is het fijn om lesbisch te zijn!
Actually, it's ideal for shopping in town. It can handle most things.
YanRami attached the following image(s):

The cream is the Heb, and you know it.
Hey Yan, in case that's a flat screen tv, the one that Pascal bought is bigger!:rofl:

:twisted: ET
I ’ll never regret the things I did wrong!
I only regret the good things I did for the wrong people!
ste VW agen
Hello Again Yan!

From the pics above, it seems you've got the necessary bits in place to tweak your Heb back to it's old personality :thumbup: But I know first hand how long and painful $$ a process this can be.

How goes it? Any updated pics of your project that I can view on my own antique Sony Trinitron TV? I had to SELL my flat - screen to pay for Pascal's nice HEB windows!!:thumbup:

ste VW e

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