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12 years ago
Hi Everyone.
I have an 54 Oval and have just bought a pair of handles from VW Heritage as i didn't have any door keys and they are badly pitted. The problem is the mechanism inside the new handles is different to the original ones although the part numbers match , my handles have a tongue to operate the release. Are these the same as the split camper handles?
Thanks for your help, Cheers Paul.

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12 years ago
The appearance of a Bus handle is the same as a Bug handle. The Bus handle has a part number starting with 211, the Bug is 113. The difference is in the lock cylinder since Bug and Bus use different key blanks.

The finger that actuates the lock in the door should be the same, however, I have seen a second, very rare version of finger that is shorter. Can you post a pic?
12 years ago
i have a pair of genuine VW handles, The handles are numbered vw 113837205A, huff on the key s634,
I havnt worked out a price yet as everthing that you see for sale is repro, mine i believe are genuine.
Open to offers!
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