12 years ago
hi, a friend found a 58 beetle about 4-5 years ago, that was sat in a driveway in west london,so i asked him if i could have a look at it, and i knew immediatly it was a canadian standard beetle! the differences were, that it had chrome bumpers, side trim and canadian dealer bades on the rear wings.
it disappeared a few years ago, just wondering if anyone would know what happened to it? as they are pretty rare cars!

i do know an irish bloke owned it and wanted 6 grand for it!?! although some of the panels had started to rust...but the car wasn't bad at all!

sadly i took no pics.

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12 years ago
Sounds a very interesting car, and maybe well worth £6k today.

But a Standard model with side trim strips……:roll:

I'll not start the Standard debate here though, its elsewhere on these forums.:mellow:

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