how many swedish ovals are rustfree? my old thread from a couple of years ago,there are lots of pics of my 57 oval showing just how solid it is,the problem is the pics can only be viewed by doing a search of my old posts, is anyone clever enough to retrieve them and add them to this post,as i cant take new ones as dynomat type sound deadening and a carpet kit cover up the bare metal and the underside is now protected by paint.this car is as solid as andys(last triumph)57, even has 57 in the reg number as well, been thinking hard what to do with this car, i have owned it twice but have been considering selling it after following andys thread as its to good not be owned by a restorer and not a restocaler, is lowered at the moment but that can be easily reversed, its on the road and drives great but i think it should be done like andys for its long term future, so if anyone could help with the retrieval of the pics i would be greatful
topolino attached the following image(s):

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still got the one's you sent me I think, will dig them out if it's any use?
hi jamie,if you could tag any pictures you have onto this post that would be great,can you let dereck know i was thinking of selling the oval as he wanted first refusal,price would be £6,000 i was going to send him a PM but dont think he gets on here very often, i am taking some better pics of the oval and was going to put up a advert on the cars for sale section soon.
topolino attached the following image(s):
mmm, tried uploading some pictures only would take two images, keeps on saying pics are to big, have resized to 50% but still says to large.
topolino attached the following image(s):
i thought everything swedish was rust free...then i got my 59 ragtop!

was just like a uk car,has had lots of love now though

lovely oval by the way!
Car less.....
this has just been put up for sale at £6,000,finally got the pictures posted, have PM dereck j who wanted first refusal as he was the first owner ,lets see what happens, will it stay or will it go?
got in touch with dereck but he has no funds to buy it back, of the other interest -restocalers 5 restorers 0.
Hi sorry to dive in on this one ,the last photo of the underside shows what i think to be KYB dampers with a urathane lower bush, would anyone know where to get the bushes from??
thats whelmots car send him a PM,but sure they can be obtained from SSP or coolair.