The Historic VW Club had a display plot at this show today and achieved considerable success in the trophy stakes.

Best Beetle - 1956 Oval
Highly Commended Beetle - 1958 Deluxe
Best post '67 Beetle - 1976 South African 1600cc (Owned by a club member)
Best Air Cooled Display Stand

The most shocking part of the day came at the very end when they held the prize ticket draw based on the pre-paid entries and my ticket was drawn as the winner!
The prize was a lowered 1970 1300cc Deluxe beetle with 12 months MoT but with a few scabby paintwork/rust issues!!

So I went to the show this morning with a 1960 Standard and came home with a 1960 Standard and a 1970 1300 Deluxe. Luckily my passenger was able to drive the prize home.

The question now arises - what to do with it? After a few hours thought, a drive in it and a quick look around it I think the answer is a quick smarten up, raise the adjustable front beam (all new to me!) and then sell it to raise more funds for the ongoing '51 restoration.

Strange how some days work out!

Rob(Still in a state of shock)
RoRoVw attached the following image(s):

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nice one! :thumbup:

raise it up and drive it! 😎
I wouldn't kick it out of bed - well done! As Robb says, lose the dorky stance and revel in it's lateness...
You can call me Al.
I visited Harewood House today. Good show but....what I noticed were the number of non aircooled VW's. Seems the air cooled to water cooled ratio is decreasing. Plus where were all the the parts suppliers?
Likely story Robert - You must have planned that to keep us buffers off your case - simply admit it your going across to the dark side. So a nice set of Fuch's and your plan is complete!

Great story - Im happy that you gained what is actually a lovely car to own and drive. You do need to update your signature as the new car is not yet included.

Well done to the Historic VW club on their display win.

If in doubt - cut it out
cupa65 wrote:

I visited Harewood House today. Good show but....what I noticed were the number of non aircooled VW's. Seems the air cooled to water cooled ratio is decreasing. Plus where were all the the parts suppliers?

I agree - virtually no traders selling VW parts. However if you were looking for bracelets, greetings cards of a fluffy oven glove then you would have been in shopping heaven! The only parts for sale were those in the autojumble and even those were mostly for water cooled.
Wow, congratulations on the winning weekend!!

I'm going to buck the trend and say sell it. Considering your choice of cars to drive, this one is most likely going to be a little way down the list. If you drive it a few months, it's going to be winter before you know it and harder to sell - then you're into next year and another MOT. If you sell now, it's good to go - you don't even need to raise it up as 90% of the buyers will want it like that. Then put the money towards your '51.
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
Congrat's ! Well Done , I Also Agree ... Sell it as it would sell now Pre Winter.
"Mr Stock"
pre67vw wrote:

sell now

sell it to me....[-x
Car less.....
Having failed miserably today to raise the front and been shaken to the core whilst driving it around, the decision is definately to sell it sooner rather than later. I'll spend a few days making a few improvements and then it will be on the market. To be fair it drives pretty well apart from the total lack of front suspension.

69 Project - this could be your next set of wheels!!
rob,she would go mental...but keep me posted
Car less.....
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Rob how much are you asking ?????????????????? Andy W
AW wrote:

Rob how much are you asking ?????????????????? Andy W

Cheaper than pre '67 beetle prices. 12 months test, tax exempt etc. Probably start at £2k and see where we end up?
Well you know what they say....

Blessed are the Meek(ings) :rofl:
A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day.
Chris wrote:

Well you know what they say.

Blessed are the Meek(ings) :rofl:

LOL :thumbup:
Quick update.
Tidied up the bodywork. Still no luck in raising the suspension - obviously not going to be stock height again without fitting another standard beam.
Looking quite smart now.
Placed a free ad yesterday afternoon on Car & Classic at £1295 and sold it this afternoon for the asking price. Queue of other people wanting to view.
Result - a free top up to the restoration fund. Thanks VW Festival!
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Onwards and upwards as thay say or not as the case may be :rofl: Andy W