11 years ago
has anyone ever 'restored' a fuel gauge pointer? as mine is looking a bit crusty!
Also can you buy new dashboard trim? ,I need the radio blank and glovebox pieces.

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11 years ago
Somtimes Duraglit (brasso in a wadding) will make it look better ,but a more long term cure is to mask of the face and repaint with a rattle can .Preparation is a bit fiddly and finding a suitable off white can be a pain.Just a quick pass with the can is all you need otherwise the gloss builds up and you loose the definition of the needle.I found it easier to scrape off the paint from the rivet bit in the middle.


11 years ago
Thanks Mike
At the risk of sounding stupid!I didn't realise it was supposed to be white? I assumed it was an orange/yellow colour. Every day is a school day:smile:
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