Is there an way of telling what sort of headlining an Oval would of had? The one I'm fitting up has no grip rails above the doors or down the B post. This doesn't mean that any of the previous owners or paint shops didn't cut them all off.

So any other clues? Did all Ovals of a specific year have the same headlining? I assume not, as WW sell a 'deluxe' headlining so I assume there's a non deluxe version too which is roof only?

Any good resto threads showing the headlining before / during / after installs?


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Si Med
Jim is your oval a standard?


54 UK rhd
That's interesting to see the photo of the deluxe without the B-post material. That must make the interior much harder wearing.

Different again to my 55 as that has the headlining grippers down the B-post.

The one I'm building up isn't mine, so I don't know its full history. What makes a deluxe a deluxe? Other than bolt on items that previous owners could have retro fitted?
Apart from the headlining, the biggest differences between Standard and Deluxe would be cable brakes so no hole for the master-cylinder push-rod through the front bulkhead and rubber matt. Also bolt-in front seats with large wing-nuts. No side trim. Only one horn grill. No chrome around windows. Painted quarter-light frames and catches. There are also country destination variations too.

Post up a few pictures and I'll see if I can spot any other Std features...

Black 3 spoke steering wheels are a dead give away also.
Proost! Peter.
1954 Oval L275 (in progressive refinement)
Piet wrote:

Black 3 spoke steering wheels are a dead give away also.

That's very easy to change though!

Si Med
Easy to change but all knobs would have been black. Do the window rubbers look original... do they have chrome in?

Also am i right in thinking the seats are attached by wing nuts?
54 UK rhd
The car has been repainted a few times in its life, and the OG window rubbers are long gone.

It doesn't have cable brakes, but its now running later drums so even that is not as per factory.

Seats are on runners, but the floor pans were replaced with late bug repro rubbish that flex and twist with any weight on them. Had to rework them so the Oval seats would work with the runners.
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