Registration is now open for the Stanford Hall 2012 Historic Beetle Display (The Inner Circle). This will be held as usual in front of the Hall and is for beetles built before the end of the 1960 model year, ie. before the introduction of the 34bhp engine and wing top indicators. The cars don't have to be in concours condition but must not be overtly modified or lowered. All entries must be pre-booked and this will allow free entry into the Stanford Hall show. Further details and the registration form can be found here: 

In 2011 there was a fantastic display which virtually completed the whole circle in front of the Hall. The aim this year will be to complete that circle.

The Historic Beetle Display is organised for the Stanford Hall show by Keith Vipond and The Historic Volkswagen Club and for HVWC members with beetles built between August 1961 and July 1967 there will be an additional club display alongside the 'Inner Circle'. Club members can enter this display using the form they will receive with their next club magazine.

All we need now are beetles and good weather!

Rob Meekings (HVWC Display Manager).


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great stuff Rob! :thumbup:
Robb wrote:

great stuff Rob! :thumbup:

Shouldn't worry a concours entrant.

Hopefully i'll be there with car.
The first entries have already been received. Passes etc will be available sometime in February.
Is there a deadline for applications this year? I apparently applied too late last year... (but was also criticised in the rejection email for suggesting I wouldn't risk my life and that of other road-users if it was chucking it down...)

I can't see anything on the website...

No actual deadline date but the sooner the better. Realistically the weekend before would be about the latest to ensure that passes can be posted and received in time. If all the places in the Inner Circle are filled before the show then entries will be closed.
As of today there are still places remaining so anyone who wants to enter and who hasn't sent their form off then please do it asap.
Cheers Rob.
Thanks, Rob. I'll have a think...
Only three weeks to go now before Stanford Hall. :smile:
Anyone still wanting to display their pre 31st July 1960 beetle in The Historic Beetle Display ('Inner Circle') in front of the Hall then please either contact me or download the form from the Stanford Hall website: 
and post it off to the address shown.
In order to allow time for posting of the passes the last date for receiving entries will be Saturday 28th April. There is no entry on the day for this display.
Hope to see you there. 😎
Rob Meekings
Historic VW Club
We now have around 40 vintage beetles registered to display in front of the Hall as part of The Historic Beetle Display and The Historic VW Club display. There is just enough space remaining for a few more entries, so if you're interested then please let me know before next weekend (Sunday 29th April) so that we have time to get the passes to you in the post.
There is no entry into the display on the day without a pre-booked pass.
Now that the Stanford Hall meeting has been re-scheduled for Sunday 1st July we know that there will be some people who are unable to bring their beetles to the 'Inner Circle' display due to other commitments. If you are in this position then would you please let us know so that we have an idea of how many places we still have available in the display.
Similarly, if you are now able to enter your beetle in the 1st July 'Inner Circle' display and hadn't entered for the 6th May display, then please send us your details as there are likely be some places available.
All passes issued are still valid for 1st July so if you are pre-entered then just come along as normal.
Many thanks.
Rob Meekings & Keith Vipond
Historic VW Club
See You All Again Sunday !
"Mr Stock"
looking forward to it! 😎