54 Gertie
Many apologies for the 'in forum' wanted ad, but it's reasonably urgent. That's no real excuse so Rob feel free to burn/move it as you see fit. :smile:

I need a new (to me) windscreen for my '63 'daily' car, something hit my screen this afternoon and it shattered! I need the car back on the road ASAP as I'll be relying on lifts and buses in the meantime.

Anyone got anything I could buy, ideally reasonably close to me in the Reading/Oxford area?

Many thanks.



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Hi Gertie,

I have a usable screen that'll get you back on the road. I'm on the Oxford/Northants border (2mins from M40 J11 Banbury).
It's your's if you wanna pick it up??
54 Gertie
Hi Low Speed. That's extremely generous of you, but I got one not long after posting on here. :smile:

Many thanks though, really appreciate it. :thumbup: