Recently i purchased a 40hp.
Today I tried tuning up this 40hp motor with no avail. The compression ratio states it has about 120 psi on all 4 cylinders. It does not leak any oil. I reinsatlled today the original distributor,the original coil, original vw carb , and orginal fuel pump. everyhting works perfect, i installed new plugs and new wires. The issue is do i have the timing wrong or any ideas as when i run it at idle it runs perfect all hp is hter but when i go to drive it out around the block it feels like its lacking hp.
any ideas?

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Is the vacuum advance working properly?
You need to check this with a timing gun first IMO.
Proost! Peter.
1954 Oval L275 (in progressive refinement)
Also, check the accelerator pump on the side of the carb is working properly.