Dear All,
Sorry to bother you at this busy time of year but I've been trying for ages to locate two Beetles which belonged to my Grandfather.
One is a polar silver oval, registered number MNJ 901 and the other is a "big window" red deluxe, NOB 666.
Both cars were Birmingham based as he lived in a suburb named Erdington.
I've tried everything through the DVLA and got nowhere - they weren't very helpful at all.
It's a long shot but I wondered if anyone had any knowledge of either car.
If anyone could give any help at all I'd be really grateful.

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Rich Oakley
MNJ 901 would have originally been an East Sussex car registered in very late 1957 or early 1958. At this point, the 'big window' Beetles would have been available for at least five months already. I'm surprised to see an oval registered so late (unless it was used overseas first)?

Are you sure the second car was NOB 666 and not 666 NOB? If it's 666 NOB, the car would have been registered between June and December 1964. 'NOB' were the last non-suffix letters used by Birmingham County Council. In January 1965 they adopted the suffix style plates starting with the 'C' registration series.

Neither of these vehicles have been registered with the DVLA since 1983 so it is unlikely that they survive.
47 Beetle, 56 UK Karmann Cabriolet, 56 UK Beetle, 57 UK Type 2, 59 UK Beetle, 66 UK Fastback.
And neither registration number shows up as being currently in use on another vehicle, so it's likely that both beetles were scrapped long ago and their numbers with them.
Thannks for your help so far boys, the oval was definitely MNJ 901 as I have a photo of my mother and grandmother standiung next to it on the house driveway. The (ruby?) red "big window" deluxe is debatable as I have some cine (8mm)footage of it on holiday in Exmouth, Devon, in August 1965 but I can't tell if it's 666 NOB or NOB 666 as the view is from the side of the car.
Thanks for your help so far, any more would be gratefully received.
Rich Oakley
Any chance you could post the picture of the Oval?
47 Beetle, 56 UK Karmann Cabriolet, 56 UK Beetle, 57 UK Type 2, 59 UK Beetle, 66 UK Fastback.
Here we go....

.....sorry, having trouble getting the picture in. Will try after Christmas.


Herbert attached the following image(s):
Managed it after all !

Here's another one I found of the old boy with my brother and cousin. This was his blue beetle before the (ruby?) red deluxe 666 NOB/NOB 666. You can make out a couple of digits and possibly letters.

It looks like 33? ?OB.

This 'photo would have been taken in 1961/2.

All his cars were bought at Smithfield Garage, Digbeth,

Again any information would be gratefully received.

Herbert attached the following image(s):
Sorry, that's the Australian version.

Here we are:

Herbert attached the following image(s):
Rich Oakley
Fantastic pictures Herbs! This is the kind of stuff we like to see on pre67vw. Thanks for posting.

The blue car is the VW colour Turquoise and would have been manufactured between July 1961 and July 1963 at the latest. The number plate letters from that period would eithe be EOB, FOB or GOB.

Here's a recent pic of Smithfield Garage in Digbeth:
47 Beetle, 56 UK Karmann Cabriolet, 56 UK Beetle, 57 UK Type 2, 59 UK Beetle, 66 UK Fastback.
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