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9 years ago
Stolen Vehicle Alert:

Seen this on another page and wanted to share with you 'Stars, hopefully you can share it forwards, help a Dubber in need! Devistating for anyone to have their pride and joy nicked and to top it all of this one is Brown 😞

Stolen from St Neots in Cambridgeshire. Split Screen Bus, registration JFL 308D. Thieves took the Brown and White restored campervan from The Sycamores, St Neots, between 3pm on Sunday, February 24, and 4pm the following day.

It is believed the distinctive vehicle may have been stolen to order.

Anyone with any information should call DC Cooper at Cambs police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111


Rob Amos

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9 years ago

Hope they find it.
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9 years ago
This is becoming a real tragedy in the old VW world. Modern cars are so difficult to steal, and really difficult to alter their identity, with the modern numbering methods use, whereas it all so easy to do with an old VW, which often has a higher value than many new vehicles.
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9 years ago
You cannot leave any old and valuable vehicle parked around now.

A collector I know of had his Routemaster Double Deck bus stolen from a layby where he'd left it following engine failure, (called a break-down in the car world).

It was seen being transported away on a low-loader, but not seen since.:o

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9 years ago
Scary, that's just up the road from me and my bus is registered JFL XXXD