9 years ago
I owned the 1953 LHD de-luxe Split with the CHASSIS NUMBER 10443969 for about eight years 1973/1981 . At that time I only knew one Split, owned by Dave Pragnell, with a Chassis Number nearer commencement of Oval production. When I sold the car it had new genuine panels and doors and a new 1200 VW factory engine and was registered GGW 686 J and painted black. I have recently unearthed the Customs and Excise "Out Of Charge" import document issued at Dover in 1971 ( believed to have been imported from Zeebrugge ) as well as the originally-issued logbook. Oh : There are petrol ration coupons still unused too !
I'm sure the car was good enough to still survive and I'd be happy to re-unite these 'historic' documents with the car (upon which I lavished a load of effort and too much money and time !). Anyone know where it is ? John aka Jollychuffy
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9 years ago
1-0443939 became OSV672 in the early 1990s when it was put back on the road by a friend of mine. It was subsequently sold, in about 1996, to someone in Gatwick, but I don't have any further details. I don't want to publish any names, but the person who owned it at this time is someone who will have known in the 1980s, as am I. I am new to this forum, this is the first posting I've done, and I can't figure out how to send messages without them being published. If you know how to send private messages, please contact me privately and I'll tell you more.
9 years ago
ozymandias wrote:

If you know how to send private messages, please contact me privately and I'll tell you more.

To send a private message, click the 'PM' button at the bottom of a post to send a private message to that person. Alternatively click on their name and then the 'PM' button at the upper left of their profile.
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
9 years ago
Thanks for responding so quickly Rob
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