Looked like a great show this year, gutted I couldn't go but my dissertation was due a few days after so I think I made the sensible choice. At least theres next year :smile:

Did anyone find out what the deal was with the three tailpipes on that Oval?, I have never seen that before.
1975 1300 (1 family owned)
The three tail pipe oval was purchased new in 1956 by the uncle of the present owner. The uncle was a designer/inventor and added many little touches of his own. The three tail pipe exhaust was one he made himself along with the detachable rear valence to aid removal of the engine. The present owner was left the car when his uncle died 25 years ago. He drove it from London to North Yorkshire at that time and it has remained in his garage, un-used, until this year when he re-commissioned it. The trip to Stanford Hall was the furthest it had been since the drive north from London.

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