Having difficulties. AGAIN.

Got fed up with how much 30hp parts are costing me, so went out an bought a 1300 from a '65 as a more reliable and cost effective option for the '58.

Now, trying to mate the engine with the gearbox, things are a bit tight and I can't quite work out why the engine does not wanna play ball.

I'm wondering if I need a new clutch assy?

They certainly look different, but from what I've been told, they should fit...

Here's the 30hp:


Here's the 1300:


Here's the gearbox:


Do I need an altogether new clutch? Can I swap over the 30hp clutch?


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Rich Oakley
That won't fit.

Swap the clutch.

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Literally swap em over?
I dig your polo, btw!
Zubeir Moin
Since it is a 1300 engine, logically the flywheel should be 130 teeth, whereas the flywheel of your original engine has 109 teeth (picture says). If u want to put the 1300 in, you have to make clearance in the gearbox housing for the new flywheel. You have to scrap off 2 mm from the edge where the flywheel enters the gearbox housing. Pressure plate of the 1300 engine is with release plate, shouldn't be a problem. On top of all, you also have to change the bandage pinion (that comes with a 12 V starter) of your starter motor for 130 teeth flywheel.

Have learnt from real life experience!

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If you are going to run a 12 volt flywheel and starter in a 6 volt transaxle then you can get a special bush that will fit in the bell housing. Also soak the bush in oil for 24 hours before fitting.
looking at the box you have fitted it seems a later type as a 58 should have a split case transaxle and the fly wheel looks like a 12 volter. So as Rich says just swap the clutch over from the motor that came out of the car. and all should be well.

Andy W
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