evil dan

I'v got a 1953 zwitter witht he original ignition switch but I dont have a key!

so far I have been around to every VW supplier who claims to be able to cut keys, no one can do it!

I've so far sources a correct key blank and I have had my P code looked up and changed into a 4 digit code for cutting but still no one can cut my key!

So who can cut a P series key to the 4 numbered lock code?

I dont have the original to copy from.

I Feel like I'm getting nowhere with this, there must be someone who can cut the key to the lock code.

Just to reiterate, I have the original ignition, a new blank P Key, the P code and the 4 digit coed this translates to for the lock/ key cutting, but I cant find anyone who can cut to a code?!?!

Please help!


53 LHD German Zwitter
54 RHD 54 CKD Irish Oval
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Hi Dan

Try Custom and Commercial's Lock Shop, I think they should be able to help you out.
Marcus Raeke (also known as "Beetlekey") in Germany does them. You just need the P-code from the ignition switch & leave the rest to him.
He's also well-known for providing vintage carpets & seat fabrics and can be trusted. He did the seats & carpets for the Grundmann's '38.
I'm sure he used to have a website, but I can't seem to find it. You could contact him through one of his ads on The Samba, eg.:-


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evil dan
Thanks I will try Beetlekey.

I have tried custom and commercial they said they need a key to copy.

53 LHD German Zwitter
54 RHD 54 CKD Irish Oval
66 1300 fontana grey daily

I've used Gabriel’s Keys & Locks in the past for split beetle keys cut from a code.