I have a '64 bug. I had an Alpine stereo installed (with subwoofer and amp). I had a new voltage regulator installed about a year ago and all was fine. Recently, when listening to music, if I use my turn indicator, the stereo shuts off completely the comes on again in about 5 seconds.

Any ideas ? I thought that maybe it needs a heavy duty voltage regulator (if there is such a thing).

Any info / referral will help. Thanx, Mark
daddyfarlessa attached the following image(s):

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Zubeir Moin
Hi there

U have not specified about the brand of voltage regulator that was was changed a year back - whether it was Bosch or not. To the best of my knowledge all Bosch regulators are heavy duty (the best regulator I have used), factory preset and need not any tinkering. I would suggest u to have the charging checked as well as the wiring of the stereo.

Zubeir Moin
Convenor & President
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Thanks for the reply and information. The car is being painted at the moment so I can't verify the type of voltage regulator that was installed.

I will check the charging system and the wiring of the stereo.

Thanks again. ~Mark
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