I've just spoken to my insurance broker regarding having a multi-vehicle insurance policy to include my daily driver (modern car) and two Beetles. Obviously I was hoping for a policy that would reduce my annual overall costs as I am currently running 3 different, individual policies. It would also make it easier to manage, with only a single renewal notice and one payment each year instead of the 3 I have now, and all at different times of the year.

To cut a long story short, my broker said he couldn't find an insurance company that would do a multi-vehicle policy for me as all 3 cars aren't garaged together in the one garage. Now if I had a triple garage in my garden that wouldn't be a problem, but sadly I don't. My daily driver is parked outside the house in the street, one Beetle is in my single garage in the garden and the other Beetle is in my in-laws garage. Why should this prevent me from being able to take out a multi-vehicle policy?

My question is- does anyone on here have a multi-vehicle insurance policy and have their vehicles parked/ stored in different locations to each other? If so, can you let me know who you're insured with so I can ask them for a quote?

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Hi Dave,
I used to have 4 VWs insured with Footman James and got them to quote for my Daily Driver too, but it worked out far more expensive than non-chassic car specialists were quoting so I didn't bother.

I changed to Hagerty insurance for my oval which is now £80 a year agreed value, a lot cheaper than Footman James.
They might be able to help with a policy for the two VWs but wouldn't insure a modern car. 

I don't have personal experience but I've heard that Admiral will do multi - car insurance policies. Hope that helps.

Thanks guys.

Malc- I'll have a look at Hagerty.

Herbs- Although Admiral do multi-car insurance, I don't think they do classic car insurance, do they?

"When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading"
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