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Hope we have a cool Video coming with some sweet tunes.:thumbup:

Andy W
ste VW agen
It was GREAT for Bill & I to finally meet all you Pre67 fans & put our HEBS together for an awesome weekend!

As a Heb_Hunter since 1976, I've personally coveted for almost 40 years any scrap of info, gossip, torn old picture(s), Hebs or even parts of Hebs in any condition. To see just ONE Heb at a meet every few years was a huge deal!! Rob has a picture or two :wink:

So to see 22 near - perfect Hebs lined up in front of the old Heb Factory & to top it off with Klaus Hebmueller & Sons blessing the moment was really like having died & gone to "Hebbin!" :roll:

Although this forum here has allowed me to meet other Heb_Hunters on line, NOTHING beats meeting (many of) you face to face & for the first time! So my HEB Hat comes off to you Rob, Yan, Peter, Claus M., Grundemann family, Carsten, E.T., Ruud, Gerhard, Guido, Dr. Richard, Bjorn & plenty more!

Our biggest thanks of course go to "Klaus Hebmueller & Soehne" (Axel, Frank & Joerg + families) for turning on the lights at the old factory once again & inviting (like bugs to a lighthouse) all of us back HOME again! I CAN'T even use the old cliché that "it was like a dream come true" because this was too extreme to have ever dreamed up!! :omg:

However "Heb - Honcho" Yan Rami nailed the feeling PERFECTLY as we emerged from the ghostly, still & empty factory building and reviewed the rows of shiny Hebs sitting outside ............. MAN, THIS IS MENTAL!! No truer words were ever spoken !!

See you all again in Hebbin one day!

Ste VW e Dressler & Bill Goepper

"The Cincinnati Hebs!"
I Ha VW e a Dream!! (Well ...... err, Many!)
1) '49 Hebmueller (project)
2) '51 Split Sunroof (project)
3) '56 Oval Ste VW agen (project)
4 & 5) '67 Kabriolett x 2 (projects)
6) '18 K Gold Split Pendant around my neck since 1976 (complete & original)
Hey Steve
It was nice to meet you and Bill.
Did your selfie work out?

You had to hurry.

Because Claus cleared the place.

Bye, Carsten.
Master of my domaine.
At the Karosserie Hebmuller 2014, I had the luck to bump into a certain Mr Rappold. The son of Mr Eugen Rappold who worked as a designer at Hebmuller Karosserie. He left the company in 47 to start his own company that still is in the running. I had a fine talk with the man who was so happy that his father worked for Hebmuller during the war. His father was ordered to joint the wehrmacht for the Russian front. As Hebmuller made several items for the army. So they needed the man in the factory to develop items.....and due to the bosses at Hebmuller, he was picked up from a train towards Russia and send back to Wulfrath. The best thing was that he had a map with him.... I was not alowed to take picts but the drawings were all Original, designs, sketches and all signed by Hebmuller. Unfortunatly not one design from the vw's.... logic as he left the company before there was an order. But the best thing actualy is that the drawings will be handed to Klaus Hebmuller in the near future. Copy's will be made I hope

No need to take contact with them for the drawings. They are safe now. Just for interest here is the current company. The man i spoke is retired now himself and is no longer in the company. They still make nice coachbuilts....

ZELENSIS, coachbuilt body from the 50's on a vw platform made in Belgium. Peter the heb detective

Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
Thanks Rob. Nice movie.
That was a great day.
Could only have been better by beeing there with one of those cars.
Well, next time.
Master of my domaine.
Thank you Rob, THat is again a super movie about the meeting.
You are the best.

ZELENSIS, coachbuilt body from the 50's on a vw platform made in Belgium. Peter the heb detective
When is the next event? :smile:

Wat is het fijn om lesbisch te zijn!
Originally Posted by: vintagevw 

When is the next event? :smile:

nicolass attached the following image(s):
Gentlemen, prepaire your hebs, as this summer it is back on the agenda...
August 17 and 18 there will be another Hebmuller only meeting on the same location.

See you there. 😉
ZELENSIS, coachbuilt body from the 50's on a vw platform made in Belgium. Peter the heb detective