I have posted in the resto forum about replacing the interior in my zwitter and would be grateful for any advice.

The options appear to be:

1. Buy the door cards and seat covers ready made from Himmelservice in the correct fabric and vinyl. Has anyone done this? Are they "correct"? Would I be able to fit them?

2. Buy the correct fabric from Himmelservice, buy the chrome strip trim and source the correct vinyl and get a trimmer to do the job.

Any help would be appreciated as I don't want to get this wrong!

Thanks in anticipation.

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Oooh! Scouting around and found West Coast Classics -

Would this be "correct"?

West Coast Classics 

Has anyone had any experience? Thanks again...
What west coast had put there in an export model is the standard model fabric, sewed with piping like in an export. Nice work but quite wrong.

If you have an standard you´d need such fabric but differend sewed.
If you have an export you´d need the beige big fishbone.

Will be made soon by Marcus from Germany as far as I heard. 

I do not know what Himmelservice offers.
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