7 years ago

Looks like I came across a few old beetle chassis.
few split (1951, 1953) and Two of the seem to be pre 49 as I read the VIN's.

One reads: " KD - 15XXX " (what does the KD mean?)
Two reads: " 1- 86XXX

How can I tell if these are original?
I know a little of split chassis and these are a bit different.

Anyone have pictures of specific features?


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7 years ago
Where are the chassis numbers stamped? May sound a silly question but there are variations on early cars.
What character / mark is before and after the numbers?
What fixings are there for the gearbox front mounting between the forks?
Do the floor pans have a lowered portion for the rear passengers feet?
Are there conduits for cable brakes?

Answers to these questions will help us identify what you have.

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