8 years ago
I've been poking about underneath my 1966 1300 and have uncovered a few soft bit of metal that will need sorting out! It's very original car I purchased from the original owner in 1998 so I'm looking for a very high quality repair that would be undetectable once complete.

Both the A-post bottoms are holed, the passenger side is the worst as it has a hole about the size of a penny near the lower inner door bolt hole and there are also holes in the wheelarch. The heater channel closing plate along the driver's side has small holes in a few places, as well as at the join to the rear wheelarch. The inner channel, running board plate is solid!

I have already purchased two lower A-post repair panels and a heater channel closing plate from Hooky's Panel Shop, so I'm just after recommendations for who to do the work!

The car is in Poole and I live in London, but I'm happy to travel any reasonable distance for a quality job! Does anybody have any personal recommendations? 

1966 Volkswagen 1300
1978 Triumph Dolomite Sprint
1970 Triumph Spitfire IV
1962 Austin Seven
1962 MGA
1965 Mobylette SP50
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