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Dear all
I need your knowledge and experience. I have a '55 oval with a period accessory, German steering lock ignition switch. It has failed with the key in the start position, but the pin has slipped back and the contact for ignition has returned to the off position. I have removed the steering lock and drilled out the pin that should secure the key barrel into the lock, but 60 years of being in there, it doesn't want to come out. I believe that I need to get in this way to see the lock mechanism behind and try to fix the problem. Is there anybody out there that knows what I am trying to do and can help?

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I have no idea if you have solved your problem with the ignition lock / switch and hope that by now you have.

However it may be of interest to you to see that there is a NOS lock that I believe is correct for your car advertised on the Historic VW Club website on the classifieds page. http://www.historicvws.co.uk 

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