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6 years ago

Recently bought myself a 57 oval ragtop project and the parts list is growing! It came with poor repro fenders and they've just got to go.

I've tried all the well known places for 2nd hand parts but nothing. Even looked at shipping costs to buy some from thesamba but OMG I could nearly import a whole car for that.

Any ideas on where next? I'm quite stuck.

If not, what are the views on best repros?




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6 years ago
Hi Chris,

Decent second hand genuine wings do turn up here from time to time.

I bought a pair of genuine rear wings through The Samba and it didn't cost too much. If you want your car to be the best it can, then it's worth the extra time and money to hunt out the right parts. Patience is the name of the game!

I used Klassic Fab front wings on my car, also a '57 ragtop, and they're the best repro wings available. I bought mine through Evam Classics, but you might be able to source them through a UK supplier.

Best of luck.


5 years ago
What he said. If you are planning to keep your car for many years, it is worth to spend some cash. In my case, I usually go to local junkyards first. I also visit some online sites like roackauto, 4wheelonline  and jbugs.com for restoration and other aftermarket parts.