Hi All
Just thought I would introduce myself.
I have just acquired a 43 Kubel thats running a '46 25hp engine (some of the parts on it appear to be from a 30hp). The engine needs some work so my dilemma at the moment is do I repair the 25hp or source a 30hp unit to run in its place (looks similar but better part availability ?)
All the help needed to source 25hp parts or a complete 30hp replacement.
I am new to the VW world (i have other classics) so on a steep learning curve !
Your general comments appreciated also.

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Hi Rich
Welcome and congratulations on your 43 Kubel.
I have rebuilt a 44 engine and it ran really well.
Please post some pictures of your car.
I have sent you an email re Kubel parts for sale.
If you need any help/parts let me know.

1944 Kubelwagen gone but not forgotten.
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Thankd Drew.
I see your KDF parts for sale...
I dont know what I need yet !! But I should know by the end of the year when I am able to get the engine out and checked ...
Can anyone tell me what heating system was fitted to the Kubel ? They have the duct pipes into the cill sections and the vents coming out near the feet, but I dont think they had any control lever fitted. How did the system work ?

Fiber Split
As far I know they did not have a heating system. I think there was a separate stove like thing that fitted in under the back seat for adverse weather conditions :?

Andy W
As far as I know the control on a Kubel was by a pull - push control next to the dipstick, this is connected to the right crank of the cross connecting shaft between the two 'shoe boxes'. On the early cars there was only a single heater control cable which connected to the right 'shoe box' control flap and connected across to the left side as on the Kubel.

So there was a heating system (as evidenced by the pipe ducting and the cill vents) but no internal controls other than from inside the engine bay ??
Fiber Split
War time photo of under side of early type exhaust system showing no heater box's Would be nice if you could put up some photos of your heater ducting.

Andy W
Fiber Split attached the following image(s):
Fiber Split
Also found this In the 1944 Parts manual showing early and mid late type with a heater.

Andy W
Fiber Split attached the following image(s):
Yep, thats it. I have been told on another forum. The heater system on a Kubel was as above. A single off/on pull rod in the engine compartment linked to the flaps in the heater boxes. Pushed warm iar down the cill sections coming out of slats in the footwell. There was also tube from one of the cills linking to the battery box to warm the battery.
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