Hi all,

The time may have come to finally start my project. It's a 1953 UK registered beetle that I've owned for over 6 years now and with a little luck I'm hopeful that I might be able to make a start on it this year.

When I got the car it came with no v5 and had been raided for parts after being off the road for a number of years and unfortunately the number plates had gone. The owner said they had a photo of the car showing the reg but never came back to me with it.

Now I know i could re-register with an age related plate but I am desperate to retain the original number, going by the amount of metal work I'm going to have to replace, that might end up being the only original part!!

I've got the "birth certificate" from vw so know it's a 1953 model delivered to "VW motors ltd. London" in October '53 but that is about the extent of the knowledge.

Does anyone here know of any way I can trace the reg number from the chassis number?

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depending who you speak to at DVLA they can/cannot be quite helpful

basically if the reg/vehicle/chassis number is still on there system they can send you the v5

if its not on there system then you need to re-register it

I have done this several times , last year being the latest.