Hi, I want to remove the old paint from the solid original floorpans on the inside of the car so I can repaint with a rust preserving paint and fix some sound deadening, what's the best method. Could I use some sort of paints tripper or is wire wheel best, what about soda blasting.

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In my opinion, paint stripper is just too messy. Use a combination of wire wheel and heat gun, that should do the job. If the body was off the car then sandblasting would be great, but in the car it would leave too much grit everywhere. I don't think soda blasting would be up to the job of a crusty floorpan.
Rob Amos
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Paint stripper gets in to the seams and you cannot get it all out so then it will attack the new paint in time. I have seen this when they "Dip" a car then some years later out come the solvents from the seams and wreck the paint work.

Andy W